Lynsey & Teddy

Wow! What a story this is. Lynsey first contacted me last year and really wanted me to capture her dream wedding. Plans were made and as we got closer to the wedding day, plans had to change. Due to the impact of the Corona Virus, Lynsey and Teddy feared they may have to postpone or possibly even cancel their wedding. Just like so many other couples affected by the events of this Spring, they had to make some tough decisions and landed on having a very small ceremony and no reception.

They hired me to do both photo and film. I knew I wanted to capture every details of the both of them getting ready and preparing for the big moment. And I knew I wanted to take them to a small park after the ceremony to get some great shots and footage of just the two of them. Even though it was only a very small ceremony, my second photographer, Naomi came along to help make it a perfect experience.

The result was magical! Be sure to check out the video on my Film page here!

  • Hair - Julie Miller
  • Makeup - Marcy Calland
  • Cake - Hanah Schelde (friend of bride)
  • Flowers - Paynes Florist
  • Tux - Menguin
  • Dress - David's Bridal