"My husband and I absolutely loved working with Scott and his creativity! Scott is an absolute professional and just a wonderful person. He was on time for all of our meetings and the wedding. Within 3-4 hours of our wedding ending, Scott sent almost 20 edited, sneak-peek photos for us to start sharing with friends and family. He worked well with our coordinator, with us, and all of the guests he interacted with. He is such a kind and genuine person that he put everyone at ease which makes for better photos.

I would highly recommend making time to wander your venue or other area to let Scott find awesome photo opportunities. We were fortunate that our wedding day was on-schedule so we had an hour or so left to wander the historic downtown area around our venue. Some of my favorite shots came from this time. Scott would walk with us, tell us when to stop, give us some direction, then start taking photos. He knew what we loved and gave us some of our favorite photos during that time.

All of this to say, Scott is a fantastic photographer, a professional, and a really wonderful person! Highly recommend!"